Cracking the Code to Happiness, The Biology of Intelligence, and Creating a Fulfilling Life

What does happiness actually entail? How do we achieve true happiness?

When it comes to learning more about happiness, the best person to talk to is Arthur C. Brooks. Arthur is a social scientist who specializes in the science of human happiness. He is the bestselling author of 12 books that cover topics like human happiness and economic opportunity. He also hosts the “How to Build a Happy Life with Arthur Brooks” podcast and writes columns on happiness and human behavior for The Atlantic.

In this episode of Young and Profiting, Hala talks to Arthur about what true happiness consists of and why so many people are unhappy. They discuss how to turn trauma into happiness and healthy ways to manage negative emotions. Arthur also describes the difference between fluid and crystalized intelligence and why we should pivot from fluid to crystalized intelligence during the latter half of our lives in order to stay motivated and avoid burnout.


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