To illustrate several of the actionable steps each of us can take to subvert the culture of contempt, Arthur created a series of short, animated video lessons based on the key themes of his new book, Love Your Enemies. Watch them below.

  • Disagree Better, Not Less

    While the competition of ideas is essential for progress, how we disagree is almost, if not just, as important. In the first of a series of three video lessons on ways each of us can build a new social movement based in love and brotherhood, Arthur Brooks outlines several practical strategies for how we can disagree better with our ideological opponents, even in the face of the bitterness we have come to experience so regularly in American public life.

  • Be an Authoritative Leader

    If you’ve turned on the TV or scrolled through social media lately, you know that being nice isn’t in fashion. But is it also a losing strategy? In the last of three video lessons on how to subvert the culture of contempt, Arthur Brooks reveals the surprising effect of kindness on leadership and job performance and shares how we can elevate better leaders in our society.

  • Say No To Contempt

    America is being torn apart, but our problem isn’t one of incivility, intolerance, or even anger. Rather, the problem is contempt: the conviction that those who disagree with us are not just wrong, but worthless. In the second of three video lessons on how each of us can fight back against the bitterness that’s wrecking public discourse, Arthur Brooks explains why contempt is so destructive and offers three rules to follow in order to overcome contempt with warm-heartedness in our own lives.