Arthur Brooks explores the art of disagreement. Against the backdrop of a toxic political climate, he believes the issue with our discourse is not that we disagree too much, but that we’ve forgotten how to disagree well. Different perspectives and diverse views aren’t cause to shy away from conversations. To the contrary, they’re a sign to dig deeper—because that’s when things start getting interesting.


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Arthur Brooks is a leading conservative voice. As president of the American Enterprise Institute, he works with political, intellectual, and business leaders in Washington D.C. and around the country to defend liberty, increase opportunity, and expand access to the blessings of free enterprise for all.

An economist by training, Arthur has spent decades studying culture and public policy. His work in topics from technical economics to the sources of human happiness has established his reputation as a bestselling author, a prolific social scientist, and an original thinker.

Arthur’s path to Washington is anything but typical. Raised in liberal Seattle, he dropped out of college to play music and spent several years living in Spain. Three decades, three degrees, and three kids later, he is fighting to give everyone the same chance to build their lives and pursue happiness.

As the president of the American Enterprise Institute, a nationally recognized think tank based in Washington, D.C., Arthur leads a community of scholars and supporters committed to expanding liberty, increasing individual opportunity, and strengthening free enterprise for all Americans. AEI is a private and nonpartisan non-profit. The scholars and research from AEI foment competition of ideas and educate leaders around the country.

The Latest

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Disagreement benefits us in a number of ways. But is it sustainable to disagree about everything? The final episode of the podcast’s first season addresses the moral consensus around which our public debates should revolve.

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Episode 6: Idea diversity on campus

Is there a crisis of viewpoint diversity on America's college campuses? The sixth episode of The Arthur Brooks Show examines the evidence and explains why a true competition of ideas in academia is so important.

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