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As a speaker, Brooks engages his audience with bold, clear, and actionable ideas. Blending cutting-edge science, ancient wisdom, philosophy, music, and art, Brooks reaches listeners in a format that is thought-provoking, unconventional, uplifting — and most of all, useful. An energetic and passionate believer in happiness as the key to fulfillment, he gives audiences across the ideological spectrum the concrete steps needed to improve their lives and repair our country.

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Speaking Topics

Moving from Strength to Strength in Work, Life, & Happiness

It is an almost inevitable—and, to many of us, frightening—fact that our professional abilities decline as we age. As leaders, how can we prepare for the changes that come later in life, and how can we structure our lives in a way that uncovers new strengths and leads to lasting happiness? Blending the latest in behavioral social science research, ancient wisdom, and historical analysis, Professor Arthur Brooks will reveal how effectiveness and wellbeing at all stages of life come not from holding on to past achievements, but from cultivating new habits and a different understanding of success and fulfillment.

Love Your Enemies

America is afflicted with a "culture of contempt," says Brooks. It is increasingly common for people to view those who disagree with them as worthless, instead of just misguided or incorrect. This is fomented by an “outrage industrial complex” in media and politics. Through ancient wisdom and cutting-edge behavioral science, Brooks provides a roadmap to the prosperity that comes when we choose to love one another – gaining strength from our differences.

Breaking The Cycle Of Hatred

America's problem is not one of anger or incivility, but of contempt, says Brooks. To subvert this cycle, it will take more than people simply agreeing with one another. Instead, we must disagree appropriately and build a new social movement based in solidarity and love – even when we are treated with hatred.

The Power Of Free Enterprise

An economist, Brooks knows that one of America’s gifts to the world has been the spread of free enterprise – it has saved billions from poverty and given billions more the opportunity to build their lives. “For the sake of all people, our end goal must be to make free enterprise as universally accepted and nonpartisan as civil rights are today,” he believes.

Arthur in Action

Recent Events

  • Chicago Cubs Baseball Club, Wrigley Field, IL
  • Gallup Global Learning Day (virtual)
  • Federal Reserve Bank of New York (virtual)
  • John William Pope Foundation,  Raleigh, NC
  • IESE Global Alumni Reunion (virtual)
  • Aspen Security Forum, Washington, DC
  • YPO Gold Southern 7 Chapter,  Linville, NC
  • HBS Alumni Fall Reunion, Cambridge, MA


“Brooks…has consistently struck me as the smartest figure on the American right—someone not given to bouts of provocation or hyperbole, but rather someone who speaks with equal authority on macroeconomics…cultural evolution and societal happiness… Brooks also conjures comparisons to ‘The Most Interesting Man in the World,’ the character in the Dos Equis beer commercials.”

Tim Alberta


“Arthur Brooks is a strange creature by Washington standards. Heck, he’s a strange creature by bipedal standards. A former French horn player who decided to be an egghead late in life, he is a unique mix of Catholic piety, data obsession, sartorial connoisseurism, physical fitness, old-soul wisdom, and basic decency.”

Jonah Goldberg

National Review

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