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Arthur Brooks is a Harvard professor, PhD social scientist, bestselling author, and columnist at The Atlantic who specializes in using the highest levels of science and philosophy to provide people with actionable strategies to live their best lives.

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As a behavioral social scientist, prolific author, and in-demand speaker, Arthur has given over 1,400 speeches in the last decade in 145 cities around the world. Arthur engages his audiences using a blend of cutting-edge science, ancient wisdom, philosophy, music, and art, while delivering real-life strategies for lifting people up, bringing them together, and improving happiness for all.

Arthur also partners with a limited number of like-minded organizations to provide training developed from his decades of research, writings and his highly popular MBA course to improve happiness practices internally.  Learn more.

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Arthur's biweekly updates feature tips on building a happier life. You can also expect Arthur's latest musings, exclusive previews of upcoming projects and special events, and the music recommendations of an erstwhile French horn player.

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Finding Success, Happiness and Deep Purpose in the Second Half of Life

Change in your life is inevitable, but suffering is not. From Strength to Strength shows you how to accept the gifts of the second half of life with grace, joy, and ever deepening purpose.

Arthur's Books

Arthur is the bestselling author of 12 books on topics ranging from economic opportunity to human happiness. His most recent #1 New York Times bestseller, From Strength to Strength, is a guide to finding meaning, success, and deep purpose in the second half of life.

The Pursuit

Arthur Brooks travels around the globe in search of an answer to the question: How can we lift up the world, starting with those at the margins of society? Along the way, he discovers the secrets not only to material progress for the least fortunate, but also true and lasting happiness for all.


Arthur's Articles

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“It’s not true that no one needs you anymore.” These words came from an elderly woman sitting behind me on a late-night flight from Los Angeles to…

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AEI’s President on Measuring the Impact of Ideas

In the summer of 2008 I was happily working as a professor at Syracuse University when I received an unexpected phone call. For the previous…

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The New York Times

The Dalai Lama and Arthur Brooks: Behind our anxiety, the fear of being unneeded.

In many ways, there has never been a better time to be alive. Violence plagues some corners of the world, and too many still live…

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