Art of Happiness with Arthur Brooks

About the Art of Happiness

Welcome to The Art of Happiness, your roadmap to living a happier life, based on scientific research, with practical applications to everyday life, guided by happiness expert Arthur Brooks.

To guide you on your journey, listen to How to Build a Happy Life podcasts and read Arthur's weekly happiness column for The Atlantic, "How to Build a Life."

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The Definition What is Happiness?

Many scientists consider happiness a term that is too vague and too subjective. It can mean anything from a passing good mood to a deeper sense of meaning in life.

Instead, social scientists use the term subjective well-being, which refers to the answer to this kind of question:

“Taken all together, how would you say things are these days—would you say that you are very happy, pretty happy, or not too happy?”

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There are three basic building blocks of happiness:

  • Genetics
  • Circumstances and luck
  • Your portfolio of habits

Simply put, happiness is 50% genetic, 25% circumstantial, and 25% in your control. 

The Art of Happiness is about focusing on that 25%, and building a portfolio of happiness habits to live a life that is balanced and full of meaning, and that serves your values.

The Science Understanding the Research

The Art of Happiness is rooted in an extensive body of scientific research, but there’s a lot out there, and understanding the results can be confusing.

Social scientist Arthur Brooks is your guide to navigating the information wilderness. He curates the research to find the most credible and compelling studies, and then translates their findings in accessible ways, so that it is interesting and applicable to everyday life.

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The Tools How to Apply and Share

You can use the lessons from the research to get happier each day.

The Art of Happiness provides a toolkit of effective techniques for applying the science of happiness to real world situations, so you improve your happiness in tangible ways.  

And since happiness is not complete until it’s shared, Arthur will show you how to do that, too.

What People are Saying About The Art of Happiness

“Very practical at understanding what drives happiness, strategies for increasing happiness, and current research.”

“Valuable understanding in life and love.”

“I really enjoy the practical information which serves as a map to a happier life."

“Great practical advice backed by research on how to be happier.” 

“Arthur is not afraid to take on the current challenges of the world and help us see how we can get through them and still be happy.”

“Happiness learned!”